Code with Kiran - Live Coding - Linux Kerne- Programming - Kernel Libraries
Code with Kiran - Live Coding - Linux Kerne- Programming - Kernel Libraries

Here is a my multi-episode YouTube video series of me doing a live code (Code with Kiran Series).
Linux Kernel source consists of many libraries within. For example such as to create and manage Linked Lists, String Operations, Encryption Algorithms, Compression Algorithms, and so on. In the Kernel, various Kernel Modules (including various Device Drivers) will use these Kernel inclusive Libraries. Unlike user-space programming, in Kernel Space when you code, you have to use these Libraries which are actually part of kernel (i.e sharing the same address space). And in some cases you can also make your own libraries and publish as well.

In the case of user-space programs, we use third-party libraries (explicit or implicit), but that cannot happen when you code in kernel space. The libraries share the same address space and they are part of Linux Kernel mainline source. Hence it is important to understand the significance of using such library as demonstrated in my video series below.

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