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IP-in-IP Tunneling Demystified – VPN Tunnels
There can be many ways one can architect VPN Networks. The end objective is to tunnel private IP (typically LAN subnets) within public IP Networks (such as Internet). You can establish such a tunnel in various creative ways, such as Transport Mode, Tunnel Mode, IP-in-IP tunnelling, etc. Also you can choose any transport layer protocol …
NAS OS – OpenZFS – FreeNAS (now TrueNAS) Memory Analysis – Filesystem Metadata Overhead – NAS Performance
https://youtu.be/ZsEO3qCV6o0 Refer:OpenZFS Wiki ↗openzfs.org ↗TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗FreeBSD ↗
NAS OS – OpenZFS code-walk – vdev APIs – vdev_open() – vdev_close() – vdev_resilver_needed()
https://youtu.be/42rfVzBomwQ Refer:OpenZFS Wiki ↗openzfs.org ↗TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗FreeBSD ↗
NAS OS – Ditching FreeNAS (now TrueNAS) – feedback – technical add-on and FreeNAS Hardware build tips
https://youtu.be/UlRXv8kjvCI Refer:OpenZFS Wiki ↗openzfs.org ↗TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗FreeBSD ↗Unraid ↗
NAS OS – ZFS Compression – LZ4 ZLE – Hardware Compression Accelerator Cards – OpenZFS FreeNAS (now TrueNAS)
https://youtu.be/JmYRCHoWXik Refer:TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗FreeBSD ↗AHA lossless data compression ICs ↗Lossless Data Compression on GPUs ↗AHA371/AHA372 PCI Express® Compression and Decompression Accelerator Card ↗ In this video episode I discussed a possibility that you can offload OpenZFS lossless compression to any dedicated lossless compression hardware accelerator cards. Usually such hardware can be used for various …
NAS OS – FreeNAS (now TrueNAS) Server Hardware Upgrade – Q&A Dual 10Gbps NIC Card in LACP (802.3ad)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7fXEo-Turk Refer:TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗FreeBSD ↗
NAS OS – FreeNAS (now TrueNAS) Server Hardware – Memory Performance – memcpy()
https://youtu.be/7wd4BXfGBsE Refer:OpenZFS Wiki ↗openzfs.org ↗TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗FreeBSD ↗
NAS OS – OpenZFS code-walk – FreeNAS ZFS – Ubuntu ZFS – Deduplication and Compression
https://youtu.be/_yzwWVFUnuo Refer:OpenZFS Wiki ↗openzfs.org ↗OpenZFS on Linux and FreeBSD github ↗TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗
NAS OS – ZFS on Ubuntu Server – OpenZFS Stack – Architecture – License – FUSE – Demo
https://youtu.be/sJf9KjYJJxQ Refer:OpenZFS Wiki ↗openzfs.org ↗TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS) ↗
NAS OS – Rsync performance – CPU bound overhead – Disk IO overhead – Case study
https://youtu.be/OhSok5a6fH4 Refer:LWN.net – Article – A look at rsync performance ↗